ESP8266 WIFI MQTT Manager

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ESP8266 WIFI MQTT Manager ถูกสร้างโดย admin
How It Works
when your ESP starts up, it sets it up in Station mode and tries to connect to a previously saved Access Point
if this is unsuccessful (or no previous network saved) it moves the ESP into Access Point mode and spins up a DNS and WebServer (default ip
using any wifi enabled device with a browser (computer, phone, tablet) connect to the newly created Access Point
because of the Captive Portal and the DNS server you will either get a 'Join to network' type of popup or get any domain you try to access redirected to the configuration portal
choose one of the access points scanned, enter password, click save
ESP will try to connect. If successful, it relinquishes control back to your app. If not, reconnect to AP and reconfigure.


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