• How to Clean Gross Murky Pond Water Fast without Chemicals

    Whether it’s slightly green or thick like pea soup, where you can’t see the bottom and only get glimpses of the fish, this quick cleaning method for pond water may work for you. While, I’ve only tested it on ponds smaller than 1000 gallons, it may work on larger ponds if you have the appropriate strength of recirculating pump and you allow enough time for all of the water to be filtered.  In other words, the larger the pond and the grosser the water, the longer it will probably take. A moderately murky 600-gallon pond will usually become visibly clearer within an hour or two of using this method, and continue to clear after that. Since originally writing this, I’ve heard from numerous larger pond owners and they have said it does take longer (up to several weeks for a really big, murky pond) but, if you stick with it, it works. Let’s get started.