West Aceh Regent Ramli MS, who has recovered from COVID-19, has shared the recipe for a home remedy he consumed while self-isolating.

“During my isolation period, I never skipped consuming a cocktail of coconut water with a pinch of salt, natural honey and lemon,”

Ramli said Wednesday as quoted by tempo.co (https://tekno.tempo.co/read/1393960/tips-bupati-aceh-barat-sembuh-dari-covid-19-secara-alami).

Ramli, who tested positive for COVID-19 on Sept.18, added that he consumed the homemade cocktail twice a day after breakfast and dinner.

He believed the drink had helped him recover from the disease as it helps improve immunity.

He said he got the recipe from West Aceh Attorney Office head M. Said Rukhsal Assegaff. 

“One of the benefits I feel is my throat feels better and the smell and taste loss are gradually improving,” said Ramli.

According to a study of data collected via a symptom tracker app developed by British scientists released in April, almost 60 percent of patients who were subsequently confirmed as positive for COVID-19 had reported losing their sense of smell and taste, Reuters reported.

Ramli added that even though he had been declared free of the virus, he continues consuming the natural remedy, maintaining his healthy lifestyle and doing regular exercise.

Based on his personal experience, he called on the public to increase their vigilance against COVID-19 because the disease is real and very dangerous.

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Therefore, he urged the public to adhere to health protocols as suggested by the government such as wearing a mask, washing hands with soap, maintaining physical distance, avoiding crowds and maintaining cleanliness.

Many Indonesians have a tendency to resort to home remedies to recover from various diseases including COVID-19, which to date has yet to have a clinically proven vaccine or medication.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in March, many people in the country hoarded herbs and medicinal plants that are believed effective at preventing viral infections. Some also believe in the power of jamu, Indonesia’s traditional herbal drink. 

However, the Health Ministry reaffirmed in August that herbal medicines and jamu could not be used to cure COVID-19.

Akhmad Saikhu, the head of the ministry’s herbal and traditional medicine research and development division, said herbal medicine or drinks only worked to relieve comorbidity symptoms in a patient, rather than curing the coronavirus disease.

A comorbidity is a medical condition that co-occurs with another, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

“Jamu can only be used to relieve symptoms of comorbid diseases,” said Akhmad.

He added the misconception had been passed among the public that jamu could be used to cure the coronavirus disease. 

COVID-19 antiviral drugs and vaccines are still being tested. (iwa)    

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