T31SN series of 1/32 Brick, 9~53V input, single output, non-isolated DC/DC converters, are the latest offering from a world leader in power systems technology and manufacturing ― Delta Electronics, Inc.

This product family provides up to 100 watts of power or 8A of output current. With creative design technology and optimisation of component placement, these converters possess outstanding electrical and thermal performance, as well as extremely high reliability under highly stressful operating conditions. Peak efficiency of the module is up to 98.0%.

The modules operate on an input voltage of 9 to 53V with trimmable outputs of between 3.3V to 16.5V and 5V to 30V

As you would expect it meets the latest safety standards of IEC/EN/UL/CSA 62368-1,2nd edition.

Options Available Include:

  • Negative or Positive Remote On/Off
  • Power Good Signals
  • Through hole pins or SMD pins
  • Open frame or Potted version in a standard or flanged case

The datasheets include application notes on the implementation of the Power Good signals, output voltage adjustment trimming along with many suggestions regarding production set up.


  • High efficiency: 98.0%
  • Industry standard 1/32nd brick form factor
  • Fixed frequency operation
  • Thermal limit, Input UVLO
  • Output OCP Hiccup mode
  • Output voltage trim range: 3.3V to 16.5V, & 5V~30V
  • Output Remote sense
  • Monotonic start up into normal
  • No minimum load requirement
  • Working altitude to 5000m

Relevant Part Numbers and Datasheet Download

more information: www.deltaww.com

Source: electronics-lab.com

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