Today, we will create a car emergency light as the police cars, ambulances and apply to use it as the truck tail lights for easy warning on the road at night by using the LED bulbs instead of the traditional incandescent bulbs because it has lower power consumption and more durable.

The circuit is just only use 2 ICs to connect with the other few electronic  components for working.  In term of LED, we can choose the color of its as you need and control the properly illumination by compute the limit current resister value of LED for most closely balancing between 2 LED colors emitting.


  1. IC 555        1  Pc
  2. IC 4017     1 Pc
  3. Transistor BC547 2 Pcs
  4. Zener Diode 1N4148      6 Pcs
  5. C Electrolytic 2.2uF 25V      1 Pc
  6. R 1k Ohm 1/4w 1 Pc
  7. R 22k Ohm 1/4w 1 Pc
  8. R 470 Ohm 1/4W 4 Pcs
  9. R 220 Ohm 1/4W 4 Pcs (For limiting current Red color LED. It is dependent on its power consumption) 
  10. R 1 Ohm1/4W 4 Pcs (For limiting current Blue color LED)
  11. 5mm RED or White  LEDs 16 Pcs
  12. 5mm Blue LED 16 Pcs
  13. PCB 1 Pc